I live in a land of fairytale castles and costumed characters. Where I can sip an ale and wander the streets of Diagon Alley. I can lose myself in a land of imagination and still return to my own bed at night.

Or, I can dig my toes into the white sand and bathe in the warm and waveless Gulf of Mexico. I can sip mojitos with my face turned towards the sun in February. I can ride my bike along the water and look at stingrays and dolphins while I cruise.

Maybe you live in Florida, as well?

I love my state. I am reminded on a regular basis that I live in a place where people vacation. Sure it’s hot. And so humid that I’m not sure what a “good hair day” looks like. And yeah…the people are kind of crazy. Okay, really crazy.

But it has a unique flavor, and I want to savor it.


The Wild Sunshine Project bloomed within my fiercely restless heart. Here, I will keep an account of explorations in my own backyard. To the wild places, the blue places, the wooded places, the swampy places. Here, I will find simple joy in a complex place.

I hope you will join me on my journey, and perhaps be inspired to seek some wild sunshine in your own backyard.